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“Tours right into the most authentic and least commercial side of this magical Island”

“We had a very sweet and well prepared guide, who started us off a short briefing with fascinating information regarding Pete Village and the nearby cave we were about to visit.


Pete” means “ring” in the swahili language.


According to the legend, once upon a time, there lived a man who loved to wear a ring on his finger.

In Islamic culture, it is impossible to bury a person with jewellery on the body, but when the man died, his family forgot to take off his ring.
It is this - slightly creepy - story which gave the village its name: first it was “Mwanapete”, the man with the ring, which was later reduced to simply “pete”, the ring.

-Alice Bensi- (Photographer)


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According to an African legend, it was Queen Marimba who invented the first drum ever. She used a worn-out mortar and attached an animal skin to it. In this way, she turned not only into the inventor of the drum, but of all musical instruments.

Marimba is also the name of a musical instrument, the xylophone. And the xylophone, like so many others, will be used in drumming performances. Drumming performances also include dancers, singers, and often everybody can join. Drumming though is also used in healing. All drumming performances are called Ngoma.

Ngoma is one of the most basic elements of most African cultures. 

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