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Marimba Cultural Tours

What is Ngoma?

Ngoma is drumming. But Ngoma is also drums.

Ngoma is music.

Ngoma is dance.

Ngoma is celebration and mourning, is meditation and spirituality.

Ngoma is healing.

We can bring you to an appointed place to make your music lesson, but we can also meet you at your hotel (provided the hotel policy allows it).

We can teach you how to play the drums, but we can also show you how to dance traditional dances. 

Ngoma unites people and makes friends! 

There are many different Ngomas for many different occasions. Get an insight into their variety and learn how to play them!

Mzee Kheri Mohamed Kombo, our teacher and Zanzibar's greatest expert on Ngoma

For more information about Ngoma and Ngoma lessons, please switch to our channel on Youtube, The Culture of Zanzibar, East Africa:

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