Our Specials

On February 7, 2017, we had a very special birthday dinner in the mangrove forest near Pete. The dinner took place on the bridge that leads through the mangroves. Everything was decorated with candles when the guests arrived by ox cart. Mzee Kheri Kombo, one of Zanzibar's most famous musicians, welcomed the guests with a drumming performance. As they sat down, our medicine man appeared from out of the mangroves, danced with the drums and eventually gave the birthday lady a little present for good luck. After that, the musicians and dancers of Sagando, the village Ngoma group, joined Mzee Kheri Kombo and performed for our birthday lady and her husband. 

Our guests were so happy that they asked Sagando to continue to pay while they were having dinner - a large buffet, decorated with colorful Kangas (traditional fabric) and fresh flowers, with a large choice of different Swahili specialties. Together with our cook, Faida, two of our guides - Salum and Tatu - tended to the guests.

We can organize a similar dinner for you! Let us know what you have in mind, we are flexible and can tailor-make it for you! The atmoshphere in the mangroves is unique - celebrate a special birthday there! Celebrate your wedding anniversary. Ask your loved one to marry you right there, in the mangrove forest!

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