Our Team

Our Guides

Our Cook

Faida used to work in the kitchens of international hotels here in Zanzibar. In order to be better able to take care of her three children, she moved back to her home village of Pete and is happy to let our guests get the benefit of her excellent cooking and hospitality skills. Her lunch is simply the best!

Our Ox Cart Drivers

All those shown above are part of our permanent team for "With the Rhythm of Sagando", our special village tour of Pete. Most of them were complete newcomers to the tourism industry and were trained by Marimba Tours. We are proud to call them our permanent team - and we think they are proud to be on it.

For the other excursions and services offered by Marimba Cultural Tours Ltd. we use independent guides and drivers, whom we hire according to need. Most of them have been working with us over long periods of time and are our trusted partners in this business. 

Depending on the languages our guests speak, we hire guides with knowledge of these languages. In case of need, they participate in our village tour as translators.

Our Management

She  does all the correspondence, including bookings for guests. She also created this website and is in charge of marketing and administrative issues. In addition, Sarah was and still is the teacher who trained the staff for our village tour - all our staff for this tour being exclusively people from Pete. In the future, she would like to open language classes in Pete, so on long terms, our guides could even speak more than only English.

Sarah and Juma alias "Kaka J" are managing the company together. Thereby, each of them has his / her specific tasks.

Kaka J:

He is permanently in Pete and mainly in charge of operations. In this function, he permanently supervises the Pete Village Tour, making sure that all participants and their contributions to the tour are ready in time. He also takes on direct bookings by passersby and is in charge of all practical things concerning our office in Pete.


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