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Safari and Culture

Tarangire National Park

Famous for its large elephant population and ancient Baobab trees - approx. 3 hours' drive from Arusha

Ngorongoro Crater

This is the place where it is possible to see nearly all types of large mammals. It is also the largest caldera in the world and therefore, one of the world's natural wonders.


The famous Serengeti leads you to an exciting encounter with large herds of game as well as different carnivors, amazing amphibians and many more. It also leads you to Olduvai Gorge, where from among the earliest remains of a human being were found.

By the way, from the Serengeti or from its Kenyan extention, the Maasai Mara, you can see the famous crossing of the Mara River! But be aware, while the game migration takes place throughout the year, the crossing of the Mara River happens only at a certain time of the year - for more information, please contact us.

Lake Manyara National Park

This national park is rather small, but very interesting. Flamingoes come and go with the rise and drying out of the seasonal alkaline lake of Manyara. Tree climbing lions roam in this very green park. And a large variety of different birds attracts the birders from among you. Geologically, the park is located at the great rift - come and have a look!

Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park is located around Mount Meru, a dormant volcano and the fourth tallest mountain in Africa. It is possible to climb Mount Meru on a 3-day hiking tour. But those who do not like to climb can simply visit this beautiful park by car or on foot with a ranger. It is nature pure here that attracts - trees overgrown with mosses and lychens, on which Colobus Monkeys live, the occasional elephant herd, which you may often only smell and not even see, giraffe majestically passing by... 


Come with us to the Mahale Mountains or to Gombe Stream, where you are likely to encounter these amazing apes on a hiking tour.


This ancient dormant volcano can be climbed in a 7-day tour. Please contact us for more information. For those who do not like to climb up to the top, we offer beautiful hiking excursions into the Kilimanjaro National Park with its water falls, amazing vegetation and elephant.


Combine your safari in Tanzania with a visit to Kenya - Lake Naivasha, Amboseli, Nairobi... Then catch up with the wildebeest migration through the Maasai Mara crossing into Tanzania and the Serengeti.

Uganda and / or Rwanda

These are the countries that are famous o their Gorillas and you can meet them on a hiking tour in either of them. But both these countries are known for so much more - hills, mountains, even volcanoes, safari and hiking tours and many more.

Lake Natron

Lake Natron is one of many alkaline lakes in the area around Arusha. It is located near Ol Doinyo Lengai, one of the few still active volcanoes in Tanzania. The lake itself contains many geological phenomena and is the breeding ground for thousands of flamingoes. 


The Hadzabe are the last hunters and gatherers in Tanzania. They live around Lake Eyasi and form a small, egalitarian society, in which every man and every woman has absolutely the same rights. Come with us on a visit to these fascinating people, who know the plants and animals around them perfectly well. If you are lucky, you may join them on a hunting trip!


The Maasai are one of the larger tribes in East Africa, who live mainly in Tanzania and partly in Kenya. They still largely hold on to their traditional culture and are famous for being fierce warriors, but also great herbalists. Through us, you will get the opportunity to get to know real Maasai life. Please join us on a visit to them, which may last for 1-3 days. By the way, we also offer traditional Maasai weddings - if you are interested, please book long in advance.

Usambara Mountains

Don't miss out on one of the most beautiful regions of northern Tanzania! The Usambara Mountains are located along the north-east coast of the country and contain many secrets of nature and culture. Follow us to explore them on a stay of 1-3 days!

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